Top 5 Android Apps for 2014

The Google Play Store is loaded with wide variety of apps in numerous categories like health, business, games, daily utility and many others. Android has established itself in the smartphone world in the year 2013 with its innumerable apps and the trend seems to continue this year as well.  Though there are large number of apps present in the store we have shortlisted the top 5 Android apps for 2014 for you.


  1. Cover

 This app is created by Apps & Zerts Inc. The Cover Lock Screen is an excellent app that has replaced the lock screen of the Android Smartphone. The mechanism of this app is that it studies and records the apps you frequently use and then through an application makes them easily accessible to you any time. It is more or less the same fundamental as Favorites menu of your PC/laptop.


  1. Swype Keyboard

Swype keyboard is a revolution when it comes to smartphone keyboards. It has given the users a completely new experience of using the virtual keyboard. It allows the users to drag a single finger around the screen from one key to another and the rest you see is magic. Swype also allows you to customize your keyboard


  1. Profile scheduler

The profile has given the Android users the feature of configuring profile depending on location. When you are at home your settings are different in terms of ringtone, Wi-Fi, notifications and when you are at work or in a meeting, they are different. For instance your call alert turns to silent mode, you don’t get notification alerts, etc.


  1. Stocks Tape Widget

 Widgets are a one-touch access to any stock information you are looking for. It can be NYSE, CNBC tape. You can choose the stock of your choice from a list of index:  Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, DAX (Germany) and others.


  1. SmartLauncher

This Ginlemon’s software’s SmartLauncher app is somewhat like the Cover app but the difference is that the Cover app has only customized your lock screen, but the SmartLauncher has replaced your home screen as well.

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