SkinneePix app launched for making you look 15 pounds lighter in selfies

skinneepixSkinneePix is the latest app that has made its entry into the app market. Keeping in sync with the season of ‘Selfies’, this app has been especially designed for those who wish to look thinner in the selfies taken by them. It can be downloaded on Apple devices through the Apple App store by paying $0.99 and will soon be released for Android devices as well.

SkinneePix app is a selfie editing app which promises to make you look atleast 5, 10 or 15 pounds less than your original weight. This can be done just by the click of a button and works only for single shots and not group shots. Users can click photos from both front and rear cameras of the Smartphones. This app uses the facial detection software and trims off pounds from only the face and not the body.

SkinneePix comes with a little bar which pops under the photo and this bar provides you with four options which let you decide how many pounds you wish to shave off-0, 5, 10 or 15. This wonderful app has been designed by Susan Green and Robin J Phillips of Pretty Smart Women in Phoenix. So download this app and make yourself look much more attractive.

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