Relive your memorable moments with new feature of Google+

auto_awesomeThe use of social networking sites are increasing with each passing day among all ages and segment of users and in order to increase their fan base, these sites come up with something new and interesting every now and then. In the same row, Google+ has recently launched its new interactive photo and video organizing tool called Google + “Stories” and “Movies”.

The Stories feature of the site which is also known as Auto Awesome Stories will automatically select the best pictures from a particular album, event or a place and will then arrange them in an interesting scrapbook with interactive features and animations. The feature will also enable you to add some notes to your images, add/remove the pictures, rebuild the travelogue as well as view it in the full screen. Moreover the created travelogues will also plug in the information about the destination and will also show the map for the trip route.
The Stories feature will be rolled out in the Photos section of the Google + Web and Android Apps and will be soon made available for iOS apps as well. By default the feature will appear in the private mode but if needed the users can make it public and edit the content.

Along with Stories, the Movies features which is also known “Auto Awesome Movies” is rolled out by Google + for Web, Android as well as iOS platforms. This feature will automatically make use of two or more sequences in your Google+ account to create an interesting new video with background music and transition effect.
So make use of your photos and videos stored on your Google+ account and transform them into lovely travelogues.