Real time conversation with WhatsApp’s free voice calls

WhatsApp free callsWhatsapp has revolutionized the way people connect with each other on a regular basis. And now there is another goody added to the WhatsApp package: Free voice calls! By the second quarter of 2014, this text-based message app will yet again pamper its whooping 450 million customers worldwide by providing them with the free voice call feature. During the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, the mobile app giant, WhatsApp’s CEO Jan Koum said that this step will bring them closer to the billion WhatsApp users soon.

On February 19, social media Emperor Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion. Now users will get the best of both. Mobile network users often complain about the exorbitant charges for international as well as interstate calls. Also, some mobile network providers are expensive as far as messaging is concerned. But now users can bid farewell to all these hassles thanks to Whatsapp free video calling to be launched soon.

In the current version of WhatsApp there is a voice function where a user can record voice messages and send to the desired recipient. However, this is not really the same as real time conversation. It may be fun for some time, or for specific messages, but real conversations are preferred way more that recorded voice messages. The voice calling feature will be a boon for people who love to talk but are reluctant to spend a lot of money on the phone bills every month. The world of technology is fast changing and so is the way people interact with one another. Whatsapp is keeping up with the trend and with the introduction of this feature it will put this amazing app in competition with WeChat and Line.


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