Microsoft rolls out wireless keyboard with multi-touch trackpad in India- All-in-one Media Keyboard

microsoft_all_in_one_media_keyboardMicrosoft has rolled out a new keyboard for the India consumers and this device is called the All-in-one Media Keyboard. This keyboard is basically a wireless product which you can carry around with you and use it to control your laptop or computer even from a distance.

All-In-One Media keyboard can be bought by logging on to the Microsoft Store or if you wish to buy it online, then it can be bought for $39.95. This latest product from Microsoft is compatible with all those laptops, computers or systems which work on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows RT. One of the highlight features of this keyboard is the integrated Trackpad which is equipped with the multi-touch gesture feature too. Through this trackpad, users can perform gesture based navigation and this eliminates the need for a mouse.

This spill resistant, All-In-One Media Keyboard by Microsoft is bundled up with several hotkeys which are meant for photos, music and videos. These keys are placed above the trackpad and are very easy to reach and use. On the left side panel of the keyboard are the keys for controlling the volume and for muting the system.

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