Marshall unveils Stanmore speakers at Rs. 35,000

Marshall SpeakersMarshall, a very popular guitar amplifier company which is known all over the globe, has unveiled a new product in India and this device is known as Stanmore speakers. These are high quality speakers which offer excellent sound and are portable in nature. They will be distributed in India by Zemax India.

Marshall Stanmore speakers are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers are small in size but are still a powerhouse of sound and audio quality. They are capable of producing precise sound even at very high levels and have a lovely classic design. Just by looking at these speakers, you will be transported to the good old days of rocknroll. Apart from Bluetooth, there is also the connectivity option of a 3.5 mm outlet. Due to this, Stanmore is compatible with a range of devices like Smartphones, tablets, Apple TV and other such products.

Marshall Stanmore weighs 5.10Kg and the frequency range offered by it is 45 Hz to 22000 Hz. You can adjust the bass and treble with the provided control dials. This is a 200W device which has a 0.75 inch twin tweeters in addition to the 5.25 inch woofer. So for all those looking for wireless speakers, this product can be bought at Rs. 35,000.

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