10 Tips and tricks to boost your iPhone’s battery life!

Increase battery lifeWhile iPhone is surely one of the better Smartphones in the market in terms of features, fun element, looks, user friendliness and its awesome processor but the one thing which it lacks on is its battery life.   Anyone who has used this device will agree to the fact that an iPhone needs to be charged at least twice in a day on even medium usage.  If you wish to get more juice from your iPhone’s battery, then you can follow the given 10 tips and tricks:

  1. Turn on the auto-brightness feature

If you turn the auto-brightness feature on your iPhone on, then you can considerably save your battery life by avoiding high brightness even in ample-light conditions. Moreover, by opting for this feature you will need to use less of power in darker places.

  1. Reduce screen brightness

If you do not wish to use auto brightness, then another thing you can do to save battery life of your iPhone is to reduce the default brightness and adjust it according to different light conditions.  The dimmer the light, the more battery you will save.

  1. Turn the Bluetooth off

If you wish to boost the iPhone battery life, then one thing that works for you is turning the Bluetooth off. Transmitting of data may consume up battery life and in some cases, the Bluetooth is left open even when the file transfer is not taking place. In such situations, you can turn off the Bluetooth to get some extra battery life.

  1. Turn 3G/4G off

All those models of iPhone which support 3G facility tend to eat up a lot of battery of the device. The device makes use of the speedy 4G or 3G cellular network and is one of the main reasons why your iPhone needs charging over and over again.  If you are in a Wi-Fi zone or do not need the cellular network, it is advisable to turn it off so as to conserve the phone’s battery.

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off

In cases when you do not need an internet connection, it is a good tip to turn the Wi-Fi of your iPhone off. Turning the Wi-Fi off will avoid unnecessary notifications; thereby conserving the battery and making it last much longer.

  1. Turn off location services

Another reason why your iPhone may seem to be going low on battery is due to the location services option.  This built in GPS of an iPhone is definitely one of its coolest features but really drains the battery quickly.  If you are in situation where you do not need any of the services that the GPS provides, it is better to turn it off.  This will save a lot of power and boost the battery life of iPhone.

  1. Exit all background apps

One thing with iPhone is that you cannot exit any of the apps when you close them and they keep running in the background, draining the battery life. But one trick to close these apps is by double pressing the center button and then exiting the ones manually.  Try this out for a few days and see a sudden improvement in your phone’s battery life.

  1. Turn data-push off

If lately you have been experiencing a dip in your iPhone’s battery, then another way to conserve it by turning the data-push feature off.  When emails keep hitting your phone automatically, it is bound to show its effect on the battery and to avoid this; you can check your email manually, whenever you need.

  1. Turn off the equalizer

Another way to save the iPhone’s battery life and boost it for longer use is by turning the equalizer off.  What the equalizer feature does is that it adjusts music on your phone to increase treble, bass etc.  These functions need extra battery life but by switching this feature off, you can save a lot of it.

  1. Auto lock the iPhone sooner

You have the option of auto-locking your phone in several different time gaps. You must choose a lower time gap so that the phone doesn’t remain unlocked for long periods of time, thus saving a lot of battery.