Indian Railways launches NTES app that helps you to track trains

Railway AppIndian Railways have come out with a new app that is meant for commuters to check train timings, track trains and enter status queries. Developed by Centre for railway Information systems (CRIS), this app is called NTES and it stands for National Train Enquiry System.

NTES app can help you know the departure and arrival time of trains in real time and that too on your mobile devices itself. There is a ‘spot your train’ features equipped with this app that makes it possible for users to see the current position of trains and know expected time schedules. With the ‘Train Schedule’ feature, users can see the entire schedule of the train along with the stoppages in between, day count and distance etc.

NTES app from Indian Railways also has the option of entering your trains between station queries. This helps you to know all the trains available between two stations. You can also know which trains have been cancelled between two given stations. If you too are a frequent train traveler, then you can download this app on your Windows Phone 8 by logging on to the Windows app store. It is also expected to be available on other platforms in some days.

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