Google gets a ‘take a selfie’ command now!

Google SelfieGoogle always seems to catch the latest ongoing trends and banks on it when the time is right. Yes, it has done it again! Selfie lovers will be glad to know that Google has added ‘selfie/picture command which lets people instantly take selfies from their mobile phone.

The ‘Selfie/Picture’ command has been added on Google search, on pressing which users are immediately taken to the phone’s camera, from where they can click their picture in no time. Infact what is most interesting about this feature is that users can give a voice command to Google by saying, ‘Ok Google, take a selfie’ and the phone automatically pops up with the camera application. But one must remember that the ‘Selfie’ command only launches the camera app and does not take a picture. For taking the snap, users will have to manually use the camera of the device.

So if you too are a selfie lover, then go ahead and try the command out yourself. The fact that the command doesn’t click pictures automatically may seem like a drawback to some, but it still is a great idea by Google. And who knows, Google might come up with an upgrade to eliminate this shortcoming in the future!

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