Etihad launches a multi room cabin in Airbus A380

Etihad launches a multi room cabin in Airbus A380Etihad is a name which is often associated with luxury, creativeness and style. Keeping its reputation in place, Etihad has launched a multi room cabin in an Airbus A380 which is aptly called ‘The Residence’. At the residence, you won’t feel like you are away from home as it not only offers the same comfort but also the experience which is a combination of luxury and warmth.

The Residence by Etihad will be located on the upper deck of Airbus A380 and will cover an area of 125 square feet. This cabin will consist of double bedroom, a living room and also a shower room. Infact, to complete the experience, occupants of this cabin will also be able to enjoy the services of a trained butler who received training at the popular Savoy Butler Academy that is located in London.

To add to the experience of The Residence, occupants will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi facility, 27 inch units in bedrooms
and a 32 inch LCD TV in the living room. Some other facilities which are provided are Live TV, HDMI multiple AC, Broadband internet and USB ports. Things like seating, firmness of seats, ottoman and lighting can all be controlled by a remote in this world class cabin by Etihad. There is also a seat messaging system to further enhance your comfort level.

Thus if you think that traveling in a flight is not comfortable, “ The Residence” will surely prove you wrong.

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