Download Torrents on iPhone without Jailbreaking

For iPhone and iPad users, there comes good news that says that you can now download Torrent files on your device without even Jailbreaking. But the even nicer part of this news is that this particular procedure is totally free of cost!

All you need to do is to first download Filer App from appstore and then install it on the iOS device. This app lets you manager different files and download them. The fact that the Lite version of this application is available for free of cost seems like a good thing to the users.

After this step, you can register yourself at www.torrific .com. This service will let you download torrent files simply by entering the desired torrent’s name on the search bar. This download is possible without a Torrent Client. After this, click on the ‘Initiate BitTorrent Transmission’ and enter your login details. The download will start after email verification.


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