Anonymous Sharing App “Secret” for Android users

Secret AppIf you are a social networking fan but hate when it comes to reveal your identity while sharing information or gossips then the latest “Secret” app is just made for you. This anonymous messaging app now enables you to talk to your girlfriend, send some hot gossip news as well as post messages as well as images anonymously to your dear ones on the social network and also to their friend’s friend.

Earlier the app was launched in Britain and was made available only in selected countries for Apple iOS device but now it is launched for the users across the globe and is released in its Android app version as well. For the Android users, the anonymous messages will be offered in 2 streams- the first one “ Friends Stream” will come from the friends and friends of friends while the second one “ Explore Stream” will show the messages only from the users who are not in your network but nearby, may be in the same city or neighborhood.

With the app you can share your secret, honest feelings or any other messages within your friend circle without revealing your identity. The messages can also be shared through SMS, Twitter, email and Facebook.
So now without worrying about the consequences you can share the brutal truth with your dear ones.

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