A technological tool developed that would help to detect and contain Android root exploit Malware

ToolNorth Carolina University Researchers have developed a new tool to spot and contain the type of malware that attempts root exploits in Android based gadgets and smart phones. This new security tool has been developed by the name of Practical Root Exploit Containment (PREC) and is said to target the codes written in C software languages, that are the base to create root exploit malware. PREC has been developed with the refining techniques and it therefore compares the behaviour and performance of a desired downloaded application with a database of how the application is supposed to behave. When the deviations are detected by PREC, it carry forward the analysis to determine whether the behaviour is malware or harmless.

According to the researchers this new tool would be a revolutionary tool that would determine the root exploitation feature of any android app and would then prevent it from being executed. According to Dr. Will Enck, co-author of the research paper, this tool is advancement over the Anomaly Detection technique as it particularly focuses on C code, which is the base of most of the Android root exploits. With this new tool in the gadget world, researchers are trying hard to work with the app vendors such as Google Play to establish their database.

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