10 Must-have apps for your Android Smartphone

Top Must have Android appsGoogle Play store is one of the largest app stores in terms of the apps that it has as well as its popularity.  Among the various categories like entertainment apps, business apps, social networking apps, gaming apps and others, it can be very difficult to shortlist the best ones for your Android Smartphone. Thus we have come to your rescue by listing out the 10 must-have Android apps for your Smartphone. The list goes as follows:

  1. Avast !Mobile security and antivirus-this is definitely one of the must-have apps for all Android Smartphone users. This app protects your phone from viruses and other kinds of threats and has several privacy tools as well.


  1. Facebook-for everyone and anyone who wants to do some social networking, Facebook is the app to have on your Android Smartphone.  This Android application offers you the ability to post, comment, like, follow and do much more from your phone itself.


  1. Candy Crush Saga-this is the most popular and addictive game that you can download on your Android Smartphone. It has about 500 levels and is a wonderful game with colorful graphics, challenging levels and a cute background score.


  1. Google Drive-with the popularity of cloud storage services, Google Drive is the best option for Android users. This app gives you about 15 GB of free cloud storage, which you can access from any device in the world.


  1. Evernote-how can your Android Smartphone go without having a note-taking application? For this purpose, Evernote is your best option as it comes with a list keeper, voice recorder, and note taker, to do manager and a web clipper as well.


  1. Netflix-if you are a movie enthusiast and love watching movies or shows on your phone, then download Netflix and get access to a whole video library which you can access after signing up for a paid subscription.


  1. Snapseed-with that awesome camera on your Android phone, you will need a good photo editor as well. Snapseed has several photo editing options and tools which can help you transform your normal looking pictures into high quality images.


  1. Mint-this is another must-have application for all Android Smartphone users. This app is meant to help you manager and monitor your finances in a well-organized manner and has several options which help you keep a check on your spendings on a day to day basis. With this app with you, you don’t have to worry about going overboard with your spendings.


  1. Skype-Skype is a free video calling platform through which you can make video calls and voice calls to anyone in the world for free and for an unlimited time. This app is free of cost and also allows free texting.


  1. Temple Run 2-if you are someone who enjoys running games, then Temple Run 2 will not only amuse you but get you hooked. It has strong graphics, lovely UI and a superb gameplay for an action packed gaming session.